Dear Editor:

I am running for Monroe County Coroner, and would like to introduce myself ito your readers in advance of the May 18th primary election.

For generations, in ordinary times, the County Coroner’s race has been a boring, almost invisible, affair… with one funeral home director running against another funeral home director. Hardly anyone even notices.

But these are not ordinary times. And I’m not part of the funeral home industry.
If I am fortunate enough to be elected Coroner, I will bring a proactive approach to the Coroner’s office to help save lives instead of only reacting once it’s too late. In addition to my engineering degree from Drexel, I have been an EMT since 1977 and my approach comes from that perspective… saving lives.

I will focus on 2 critical issues in our county… teen suicides and opioid overdoses.
If we can stop the trajectory of even one life from desperation and hopelessness, turn one student from thoughts of suicide or drug addiction, identify and help that person where not even their best friends see their private pain… that will be the biggest goal and accomplishment I will bring to the Coroner’s office.

For more on this and the other points in my plan, please visit

I respectfully request your vote on May 18th. I appear on the Republican ballot, but welcome your write-in vote if you are a member of the Democratic Party.

I will ensure that all members of our community are treated fairly and equally, with respect and dedication to all, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, lifestyles, religion, or other sectors.

Vote for change in the Coroner’s office. Please vote for Ed Kmetz, Coroner, on May 18th.

Ed Kmetz