To the Editor:

I am deeply troubled by recent revelations that Mayor Michael Penn has been removing documents from the borough building.

It is particularly worrisome that this has taken place after hours and under cover of darkness.  As a former vice-president of council, my signature is on countless documents in the borough’s possession.

What Mr. Penn has taken, replaced, or altered remains unknown. This is unacceptable and constitutes a gross violation of public trust.

I urge council to take whatever steps necessary to retrieve the stolen documents from Mr. Penn, and to ascertain exactly what was taken, changed, or replaced.

Further, proper security measures must be implemented to prevent this from happening again.

Should Mr. Penn feel the pressing need to examine borough documents as part of his mayoral duties, it should take place during regular business hours in the presence of borough employees and other elected officials. Mount Pocono Borough records are not the personal property of this mayor, or any other.

Thank you for addressing this serious issue. This is a matter of concern to every borough taxpayer and resident. Our government transparency suffers when there is only one gatekeeper.

Jeff W. Woehrle

Editor’s Note: Mr. Woehrle’s letter to Mount Pocono Borough Council was copied to us by the author, a former member of council. We decided to publish it as a LTE.