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LTE: Downtown Safety is Worse

Last updated on May 12, 2021

Dear Editor:

I think that safety on Pocono Blvd is getting worse and dangerous. I and Mt. Pocono Association started a petition for safety on the road in May, 2019, And we have about 1800 signatures on the petition.

Mt. Pocono Borough should do some safety improvements like installing radar speed control signs and safety banners. They were on the road for a while, but they haven’t gone since last Winter. Last March, I asked an officer of the township to put them back on the road, he said he will do, but the banners haven’t been installed yet.

It was lucky that nobody was killed by the accident. Usually Pocono Rocks is packed with kids and their parents. It was God’s blessing that there was nobody there on the accident day.
I will keep leading the safety petition on the road until it is improved – until pedestrians and business owners on the road feel safe.

Mt. Pocono Borough and PennDot should act to improve the safety matters on the road now. We don’t want to see any death on the road in the future.

Master Kim
US Taekwondo
Mt. Pocono

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