Google Maps satellite view of the area proposed to be developed in Coolbaugh Township for a hotel, truck stop, and distribution center. The development is dependent on township approval of zoning changes.

COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP – The Coolbaugh Township Board of Supervisors has placed the proposed truck stop/hotel/distribution complex on tonight’s work session for discussion.

A developer has proposed building the three structures on property it intends to acquire in the Township. The real estate is currently zoned as “commercial village”. That zoning allows the distribution center and hotel, but not the truck stop. The developer, AAD Commercial Development, would require supervisor approval of a zoning change to include truck plazas as a permitted use in that zoning district.

When presented at the May meeting, sharp disagreement was evident among some supervisors. Since then, residents have been active on social media both in opposition to and in support of the proposal.

Brian Viskay, a candidate for the board of supervisors this year, posted his opposition to the development, saying “such a proposal will increase traffic immensely and disrupt our everyday lives in the village.”  Replies to Viskay’s posts were mixed between opponents and supporters of the proposed project. Bradley Philipson appeared to express support, saying “About time they start developing. People need to get over this isn’t what it was 30 years ago or when you grew up 100 years ago. ”

Supervisors are not slated to make any decisions. The developer made the presentation last month to gauge if the township was prepared to make the changes necessary. They were asked to return to tonight’s work session to provide additional information on the plans in response to issues and concerns raised by the supervisors.

The item is the first on the work session agenda. The work session begins at 6 pm. It will be in-person only, in the supervisor’s meeting room at the municipal building. The Boto & Towne News plans to Livestream tonight’s meeting on our Facebook Group for the township.