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Jan 4 2022, 12:45 pm

MOUNT POCONO – As The Boro & Towne News enters its third year of community journalism, it continues to expand the scope and depth of its coverage as it grows from a free handout to a subscriber-supported community newspaper.

Over our first two years, we’ve heard from many of you how much you appreciate what we do. For most of our readers, this is the first time they have had an independent source of what is happening at the local level.

We are often the only source of information about what your elected local officials are doing in your name, with your money.

And that is exactly what we set out to do – provide the needed, useful, independent information so you can make informed choices.

Covering three municipalities, including the largest – by population, area, and budget – in the county takes time.  A LOT of it. And, while this is a labor of love – it is still labor.

We can not continue to provide you with the level of trustworthy, complete information you want and need without YOUR support. Please, if you value the information we provide, do not rely on someone else to pick up the slack.

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