Case Levels Remain Low, But Decline Appears to Have Halted

APR 4 2022, 10:00 am

MONROE COUNTY – On Tuesday, April 5, the Pennsylvania Department of Health reported 70 new coronavirus cases in Monroe County. That translates into a moving 7-day average of ten new cases per day, up 10% from last week, and 27% higher than a month ago.

The total numbers remain low – they are just 1.8% of the mid-January 2022 peak – but the steady decrease in cases since mid-February has stopped. Monroe County has seen its rate slowly increase since early March. The growth is attributable to the highly-transmissible subvariant of the virus, called BA.2.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for the week ending April 2, 2022, the BA.2 virus is responsible for over 67% of regional cases. A month ago it was a little over 10%, and in the first week of February, the new subvariant accounted for less than 1% of cases. Nationally, the BA.2 version of the viruse causes 72.2% of new cases.

Internationally, the new variant is being blamed for record-high numbers of new coronavirus infections. Other countries – including Canada – are now seeing more covid cases than ever, thanks to the BA.2 subvariant. The CDC is taking a wait and see approach to whether the US will experience similar increases.

Hospitalizations and Deaths

The increase in new cases has not translated into new hospitalizations in Monroe County at this point. According to Pennsylvania Department of Health figures, for the 14-day period ending yesterday, there were a total of 5.2 average daily covid patients in area hospitals. A week ago the 14-day moving average was 6.6 and two weeks ago it was 8.4. A month ago the figure was 23.5.

No coronavirus deaths have been reported in the county since mid-March.


The vaccination rates in Monroe County continue to lag the state numbers. According to the latest information from the CDC, statewide over 67% of residents have been vaccinated. Here in the county, only 59% have received a complete course of initial vaccinations. The county booster rate of 41% compares favorably to the state rate of 42%.

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