Letter to the Editor

Our Communities Were Not Built for Commercial Rentals

APR 28 2022

Dear Editor,

As a resident in ALCA for 35 years, we have seen very comfortable and quiet times for years.

Then big companies came in and started AirBnb / Vrbo buying properties.  Also, people have traveled down here and bought houses way above the asking price then farmed them out as rentals.

Total disgrace from rentals. Destroy property leave trash everywhere and disrespect everyone in our community. Loud parties all night long. They overload our sewer system and trash center. Not something you would like to see from a family community.

Also, they drive with no respect for our rules. Don’t stop for stop signs, no regard for kids or adults. Need to go with no STR under 30 days. This community wasn’t built for commercial. Our area was built for family and friends.

Thank you.

Kenneth Cahill
Pocono Lake/Arrowhead Lakes

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