Letter to the Editor

Sims Best Qualified for Lt Gov

APR 29 2022

To the Editor:

The position of Lt. Governor is not always on the top of everyone’s mind, but it is an important position.

The Lt. Governor sits as the chair of the pardon board. This position requires experience. That’s why I am supporting Brian Sims for Lt. Governor.

Brian is a civil rights attorney who has experience fighting for working people and protecting our rights. Not only that – but Brian has also served in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives since 2013. His qualifications and experiences make him uniquely qualified to serve as Lt. Governor and to protect the rights of Pennsylvania citizens.

As an attorney myself, I work every day to protect the rights of Monroe County citizens.

On election day, May 17, I am asking you to join me in supporting my fellow attorney and the most qualified candidate for the position of Lt. Governor, Brian Sims.

Thank you.

Patrick J. Best

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