Developer of Mount Pocono golf course warehouse trying again for tax breaks

Scheduled to appear at the Mount Pocono Borough Council work session Tuesday, March 21, to seek help on LERTA request

Previous LERTA request died when PMSD declined to consider it

MAR 20 2023 8:30pm

Land development sketch showing the placement of the warehouse on the former golf club property. The white building on the left is Walmart.

MOUNT POCONO – Newland Capital Group, the developer of the massive, 5-story, 1.2 million square foot warehouse going up on the former Mount Pocono Golf Course property on Route 940 in the borough asked for time at tomorrow evening’s borough council work session meeting to discuss plans to re-start discussions over tax breaks for the project.

Those discussions died in early 2022 when the Pocono Mountain School Board declined to even vote on the matter.  Prior to that, in October 2021, the former Mount Pocono Borough Council had agreed to attend a joint hearing with the county and school district to hear the pitch for the so-called LERTA property tax relief.

LERTA is a state program that permits local taxing authorities to forgive taxes in order to encourage commercial development in their districts. In order to secure LERTA relief, all taxing authorities with jurisdiction over the property must agree. 

Under LERTA, the property owner continues to pay at least the amount of real estate tax they were paying prior to the LERTA grant.  The tax relief is granted only as to the increased value of the property as a result of the development.

For over 100 years, this stretch of land in Mount Pocono along Route 940 had been all trees, grass, and sand traps. In November, 2022, the greenery was cleared for the construction of a new warehouse, approved over a year ago. (BORO Photos)

As applied in Monroe County, the typical LERTA program involves ten years of decreasing property tax relief. The first year 100% of the property tax on the increased value of the land after development is forgiven.  Each year thereafter the amount of tax forgiveness decreases 10% until 100% of the property taxes are due.

Slated to appear at the borough council’s March 21 work session are Ty Newland, Managing Principal at Newland Capital Group, and Rocio Budetta, Managing Director, together with the company’s attorney.  The borough council work session starts at 6:30 pm. It is held in the second-floor council meeting room at the borough building, 1361 Pocono Blvd. (route 611), Mount Pocono. The public is invited to attend and participate.