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DEEP DIVE: A Look at the Coolbaugh Township Truck Stop Development Proposal

COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP (July 19 2021) – In one fell-swoop, Coolbaugh Township could bring in a major restaurant, a 125-room family-friendly mid-price national hotel, address the…

‘One person gathers what another one spills’ – Community Bulk Drop Off Nets Treasure Trove for Local Youth Organization

COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP — A chat over coffee resulted in a local youth organization receiving about 30 bicycles for their program, leading to a news story…

Fireworks Rules Set to Change in Coolbaugh; Mount Pocono & Toby Laws Already in Place

COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP – Coolbaugh Township is poised to adopt a new fireworks ordinance at its first meeting in July, a few days too late to…

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